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What is Biostatistics?

Biostatistics is a branch of statistics that develops and applies mathematical and statistical methods to the study of all life science subjects. The roles of a biostatistician encompass the design of biological experiments or clinical trials, the collection and analysis of data and the interpretation of the results. As one of the leading institutes that specialize in biostatistics in Japan, Biostatistics Center, Kurume University, provides the state-of-the-art expertise in biostatistics to students and clients in Kurume University and beyond.


Director, Professor

Tatsuyuki KakumaM.P.H, Ph.D. in Biostatistics

Research Interest
  • Methods for Biostatistical Education and Statistical Consultation
  • Statistical Analysis of Medical Big data

Deputy Director, Professor

Takafumi UenoM.D., Ph.D.

Research Interest
  • Interventional cardiology
  • Robotic Assisted PCI
  • Renal denervation


Kyoji FurukawaPh.D.

Research Interest
  • Methodology and applications in survival analysis
  • Statistical modeling of environmental epidemiology data
  • Statistical methods for risk evaluations and predictions
  • Bayesian statistical models

Associate Professor

Kazuo IshiiPh.D. in Medical Sciences

Research Interest
  • Big Data analysis, statistical computing, mathematical modelling, data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence
  • Clinical diagnosis and prognosis prediction with medical Big Data using machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Mathematical modelling and data mining with machine learning and artificial intelligence

Associate Professor

Takanobu MiyamotoPh.D. in Engineering

Research Interest
  • Hospital management analysis with big data
  • Statistical pattern recognition and machine learning

Associate Professor

Kenta MurotaniPh.D. in Biostatistics

Research Interest
  • Clinical trial design
  • Diagnostic medicine
  • Statistical consulting

Assistant Professor

Tetsuji OhyamaPh.D. in Biostatistics

Research Interest
  • Interobserver agreement and reliability
  • Statistical method for early clinical trial

Programs & Degrees

A career in biostatistics is an ideal path if you are interested in applying mathematical and computational methods to solving real-world problems in medical sciences. Our graduate program offers a foundation in both theory and methodology in biostatistics.

Courses in Master of Medical Science (MS):

Our courses for Master’s degree in Biostatistics prepare you for careers such as a clinical trial statistician, research scientist, or data analyst in pharmaceutical industry or at a research institution.

  • Introduction to Bio-Data Analysis [2]
  • Basic Biostatistics [4]
  • Biostatistical Methodology in Clinical Trials [2]
  • Theoretical Biostatistics [4]
  • Making of protocol and research design of bioscience [1]
  • Bioethics II [2]
  • Medical Data Analysis [2]
  • Biostatistics Seminar I [3]
  • Bioinformatics Seminar I [3]
  • Bio-Data Modeling [2]
  • Bio-Data Mining [2]
  • Environmental Statistics [1]
  • Introduction to Statistical Epidemiology [1]
  • Introduction to Genome Science [2]
  • Observational Data Analysis I [1]
  • Introduction to Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic [1]
  • Survival Analysis [2]
  • Observational Data Analysis II 1]
  • Bioinformatics I [1]
  • Bioinformatics II [1]
  • Biostatistical Methods in Clinical trials [1]

Courses in Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Medical Science / Medical Biostatistics

Our courses for PhD in Medical Science and Medical Biostatistics prepare you for careers as an independent investigator, educator, or highly-qualified practitioner of biostatistics.

  • Fundamentals of Bio-Data Analysis [2]
  • Fundamentals of Categorical Data Analysis [2]
  • Applied Biostatistics in Clinical Trials [2]
  • Protocol Development and Study Design (Practicum) [1]
  • Bio-Data Analysis I (Lab) [2]
  • Biostatistics Seminars I [4], II[4], III[4], IV[4]
  • Fundamentals of Statistical Epidemiology [2]
  • Fundamentals of Genomic Science [2]
  • Advanced Observational Data Analysis [1]
  • Applied Environmental Statistics [1]
  • Fundamentals of Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic [1]
  • Fundamentals of Survival Analysis [2]
  • Applied Statistical Epidemiology I [1]
  • Applied Bioinformatics I [1]
  • Applied Bioinformatics II [1]
  • Advanced Topics in Clinical Data Analysis [1]

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